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Dresden OCL is hosted on GitHub and all sources around Dresden OCL are available from the project's site on GitHub.

Eclipse Marketplace Client

The easiest way to download and install Dresden OCL is via the Eclipse Marketplace Client. Simply type Dresden OCL into the client and click the Install button. How to use the Marketplace Client is documented here.

Eclipse Update Site

Dresden OCL can be installed using the Eclipse p2 update manager as well. The update site of Dresden OCL is located at

Luna http://www.dresden-ocl.org/update/luna/
Kepler http://www.dresden-ocl.org/update/kepler/

The latest but not officially released build of Dresden OCL can be installed using the Eclipse update site

Luna http://www.dresden-ocl.org/update/luna/latest/
Kepler http://www.dresden-ocl.org/update/kepler/latest/

Further information about the installation and use of Dresden OCL is provided in documentation section.

Standalone Library

To integrate Dresden OCL into a Java project you might use the standalone version providing Dresden OCL as a Java library.

The latest source of the standalone version can be aquired from the GitHub project site.


Dresden OCL

For compiling and running Dresden OCL you need:

  • Java SDK 1.6 (or later) with JAVA_HOME being set correctly
  • Eclipse SDK (4.4) including the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • Recommended Hardware is 1024MB of memory (2 GB recommended) and at least a 1 GHz CPU

Changes in Different Releases

To investigate the changes and bugfixes introduces with the different releases of Dresden OCL you may also read the changelog provided with Dresden OCL (available via this link).