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The Dresden OCL is enhanced and maintained mainly by students and scientific staff of the Software Technology Group at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, where the project is coordinated by

Dr. Birgit Demuth
Technische Universität Dresden
Department of Computer Science
Software Technology Group [1]

Email: Birgit.Demuth(ad)tu-dresden.de


We like to thank all people that are or have been involved into the development of Dresden OCL. A detailed list of people involved can be found here.

Mailing list

Feel free to subscribe to the discussion mailing list on issues regarding Dresden OCL. Additionally the mailing list's archive might contain helpful information.

Please check our FAQ as well to avoid questions that have been answered before.

Bugs & Feature Requests

Please use the bug tracker on GitHub for known issues concerning the toolkit. You can file new bugs or feature requests there as well.

Bugfixes in Different Releases

Please make sure that you use the last release of Dresden OCL and that the reported bug has not been fixed yet. To investigate the changes and bugfixes introduced with the different releases of Dresden OCL you may also read the changelog provided with Dresden OCL (available from Git via this link).


The imprint of this website can be reached via this link.